Nina’s is such a lovely place. Since 1672, NINA’S Marie-Antoinette has been the only house to offer products made from fruits and flowers from the King’s Garden of Versailles.
This makes it possible to create aromas such as were found at the court of Versailles according to Marie-Antoinette’s favorite recipes like the Original Marie-Antoinette cake and tea.

An homage to the Queen of France

Nina’s and Versailles are ancient history: already in the 17th century, the “Frères Distillery”, founded by Pierre Diaz in 1672, supplied the famous Court of Versailles with perfumes and essential oils. It was in 1986 that Nina’s bought the famous distillery: it was the beginning of the adventure of creating teas with delicate aromas and fragrances, masterfully led by Nina Diaz, a great admirer and connoisseur of roses! From the King’s vegetable garden to Queen Marie-Antoinette To continue in the refinement, the Nina’s house has imagined a tea with a subtle taste: Marie-Antoinette tea, in homage to the Queen of France of course.

A large choice of teas

The definition alone is mouth watering: a base of Ceylon tea, with aromas of apples and roses intertwined and precious rose petals. And be careful, not just any apples! The famous apples from the King’s Vegetable Garden in Versailles, created by Louis XIV. The packaging obviously matches the “royal” atmosphere: pink and gold tones, bows, rounded writing: everything is there to make us immerse into the world of Marie-Antoinette. Of course, other teas are at your disposal, black teas, green teas, rooibos, there is something for everyone! See you at Nina’s!

tea boxes by Nina's Paris
marie-antoinette tea boxes in Nina’s Paris
Nina's paris, Marie-anoinette's tea
Nina’s tea shop


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