Matthieu Chedid has once again united his tribe around a creative project. ‘an event record book for children, called “Grandes Oreilles” (big ears)! A musical tale about difference and self-acceptance.

matthieu Chedid "grandes oreilles"

A musical tale about difference

The book tells the story of Pilou. Pilou no longer likes to play or even to laugh. He can no longer stand the mockery of his friends about his protruding ears. One evening, he walks away from the playground, determined to be alone until the darkness makes his big ears disappear in plain sight. As night falls, Pilou sees them growing, opening up, becoming so huge that he feels he is about to fly away. Carried away by a swarm of swallows, he takes off and sets off on a magnificent journey. By overlooking the beauty of the world, Pilou will understand how precious his ears are to him and will finally accept his difference.

A story from Andrée Chedid, Matthieu’s grandmother

This story is taken from a children’s book authored by Andrée Chedid, Matthieu Chedid‘s grandmother. Written in the 1970s, Louis, Émilie and Matthieu pooled all their talents in the service of this poetic and fabulous musical tale. It has been available since October 21, 2021 at a price of 22.90 euros from Robert Laffont editions. A great idea for Christmas gifts for children …

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