It is at the water’s edge, in the heart of Parc de la Villette, that the nomadic and eco-responsible restaurant Ventrus opened its doors.

Environmentally friendly

Ventrus intends to revolutionize the relationship Parisians have to restaurants through what it offers on the plates, first of all, but also thanks to its most original architecture, closer to nature. Entirely made of wood and glass, this magnificent restaurant is a veritable evolutionary hut, which fits as naturally as possible into the landscape. A creation as beautiful as it is ingenious that respects its environment thanks to a virtuous model of waste recycling, water filtration (which reduces consumption by 80% compared to a traditional restaurant) and rational energy. Ventrus has therefore chosen a disruptive technology for water treatment and ecological off-grid toilets. The kitchen has also been optimized and all the catering equipment used comes from recycled and reconditioned materials. Food waste is recycled thanks to the committed company Les Alchimistes, which collects it in a scooter, to make compost 10 km from La Villette.

Only seasonal products

In the kitchen, Juliette Brunet, who worked in the kitchen of Alain Passard, Alain Ducasse and Greg Marchand, is the first chef to take the reins of the restaurant and share her inspirations between Italy and Japan. Subsequently, Ventrus will welcome several young chefs in residence; an idea of ​​the committed gastronome Guillaume Chupeau, the founder of Ventrus. On the short menu, 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 desserts which highlight seasonal products, and two formulas: starter / main course or main course / dessert at 25 €, starter / main course / dessert at 30 €. Simple and efficient. During our visit, we therefore opt for a starter, a main course and a dessert of each, in order to have an overall idea of ​​the cuisine of Ventrus.

Restaurant Ventrus

Alley of the Canal –

Parc de la Villette 75019 Paris

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