Both a tea room, a decoration boutique and an artisan-florist, Fragrance is a true romantic nugget address.

A smell of infused tea

A trained florist, the two owners of the Fragrance boutique wanted to create a place that resembles them, combining the scents of flowers with those of teas. Entering Fragrance is a pleasure for the senses: the decoration is splendid, the flowers offer explosions of various colors and the smell of infused tea is a delight. If you are not too into tea and infusion, the house also offers variations around coffee and homemade fruit juices.

fragrance flower shop paris

A romantic flower shop

The gourmets, that we are, were delighted to also be able to taste their very good organic pastries. A real place to live and stroll, Fragrance is also a decoration shop where everything you see can also be purchased. It is also possible to take advantage of this tea break to treat yourself to a nice bouquet of dried flowers, the specialty of the house. The must: take advantage of it to fully experience the atmosphere of this flower-café and settle into the cozy decor around a coffee and a homemade cookie (€3.50), served with its little edible pansy.

flower shop paris

Fragrance Paris

14 Rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris

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