It’s a chic and lascivious pop, with cosmic disco accents. Behind L’Imperatrice hides a Parisian sextet with a worldwide recognition.

l'impératrice french band

New Album, Tako Tsubo

Six musicians, an army of synthesizers, and music that breathes a welcome freshness into disco. With a series of acclaimed EPs and a solid debut album, ‘Matahari’, l’Impératrice has established herself as one of the leading faces of the French scene internationally, consolidating a large fanbase from Paris to Mexico City. , the band is back with ‘Tako Tsubo‘, a second album with a prestigious production, flirting with west coast hip hop, 70s French pop and funk Mixed and mastered by international stars who work for OutKast and Kendrick Lamar.

A big fanbase in Mexico

Tako Tsubo” is more melancholic but also more accomplished than their first album. Tako Tsubo means “living intense emotions” in Japanese, an ode to feelings, good or bad, breaking with their first opus Matahari released in 2018. From shadow to light, Flore Benguigui and her companions have undergone a complete metamorphosis smoothness which has now earned them worldwide recognition. Guest of the prestigious Coachella festival in 2020. From now on, their exoticism also seduces abroad. After their native land, it is in Mexico that they are the most listened to.

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