Since the phenomenal and international success of “Je veux”which had revealed it in 2010, Zaz was constantly on the road. The confinement allowed her to record her fifth album “Isa”.


Need to refocus on herself

“After years of being “very outward-looking”, notably via the stage and concerts, the singer felt the need to give herself time and attention. “We are in a world that is not easy to live in. We don’t know anything, everything changes all the time, we are in permanent insecurity. I try to tell myself that if I want to help the world, I must already be well.” For her new album, ZAZ collaborated with Dutch director REYN, who has worked with stars like Stephan Eicher and Vanessa Paradis. “My new artistic director Didier Cristini introduced us. We showed him two songs, and he finally made the whole album, which he thought of as a work.

An “organic” album

I wanted this album to be organic while working with machines . REYN sampled the sounds of my body. There are a lot of recurring natural elements in the songs, like air, minerals. I also play the marxophone, an old instrument from the 1910s and 1920s.” The energy is often positive in this new album.. Particularly in “Comme tu voudra”, a promise from a daughter to her father to be by her side when he becomes old, or in “Imagine”, which draws – for once – an optimistic ecological future. We find this theme on And the rest, in which she talks about the children who will inherit the earth. “I’m not naive. But I find it dramatic to feed on anxiety-provoking news. Ecology begins with personal ecology: taking care of yourself, reading, walking in nature, that’s already changing the world “.

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