Inaugurated on December 20, 1927, “La Coupole” is the largest brasserie-restaurant in Montparnasse. For more than 90 years, celebrities and anonymous people meet there. Let’s find out his story…

The center of artistic life

Between the two World Wars, Paris is considered by artists from all over the world as the center of intellectual and artistic life. At that time, the Montparnasse district experienced its golden age thanks to the countless artists who lived there. The cafés, brasseries and restaurants of the district became privileged meeting places for them. In 1927, the brasserie la Coupole was opened by Ernest Fraux and René Lafon, with the aim of competing with the neighboring café, the Dôme. The success is immediate.

la coupole paris

An unexpected success

La Coupole was inaugurated on December 20, 1927. Despite the cold and icy conditions, more than 2,000 guests came to the party. Among them, Cocteau, Blaise Cendrars, Man Ray. The wine is flowing. At 5 o’clock in the morning, the party continued and it was necessary to call Police-Secours to evacuate the last guests. The success of La Coupole exceeded expectations. 85 employees are at the service of customers, including 30 servers. To give an exotic touch to this high place in Montparnasse, the owners hire a Hindu to make the curry and an African dressed in a costume from the Thousand and One Nights for the Turkish coffee.

Artists’favorite place

La Coupole immediately became the favorite place for painters, sculptors, actors and journalists. Giacometti, Sartre who left generous tips, Beauvoir, Louis Aragon who met Elsa Triolet there on November 6, 1928, Camus who celebrated his Nobel Prize there at table 149, Simenon who dined there with Joséphine Baker, Hemingway, Yves Montand, Edith Piaf , Picasso, Matisse, Mistinguett, Gainsbourg who had lunch there on Sundays with Birkin, Chagall who celebrated his birthday in 1984 at table 73. The list of personalities is long… Today, La Coupole is a cosmopolitan and very Parisian brasserie at the same time. Its chef, Vakhtang Meliava, creates dishes in accordance with French culinary tradition.

La Coupole

102 bd de Montparnasse 75014 Paris

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