Inaugurated in 1929, Molitor was for 60 years the most popular swimming pool in Paris for its two pools and its avant-garde atmosphere.

molitor paris swimming pool

The temple of the Paris undergroud

Closed in 1989 and classified as a historical monument, the place is taken over by artists and the dilapidated building becomes the temple of the Parisian underground. The graffiti first appeared on the exterior walls of Molitor, then on the railings, the basins emptied of their water and after about ten years new colors brought life back to the dilapidated building. These are the first tags of certain street artists recognized today by the general public and for all a huge open-air workshop. Many photographers freeze forever the ephemeral works of Reso, Shaka, Katre, Kashink, Jace, Kouka… The place also becomes a stage for shows, parties, fashion shows organized with the help of the Compagnie des Maîtres-Nageurs. But the City of Paris has not completely forgotten Molitor.

A renovation in 2011

In 2007 it launched a call for applications for the renovation and operation of the abandoned building. Molitor will be rehabilitated with a project faithful to the architecture of the building and respect for its history. Work began in 2011, the entire pool was destroyed because the structure and concrete were no longer strong enough to last longer. Only the rotunda, the entrance to 2 Avenue de la Porte de Molitor, was spared. The reproduction of Molitor swimming pools will be faithful, many swimmers of the time recognize the shapes of the balustrades, the mosaics and the colors. Molitor reopens its doors on May 19, 2014.

A hotel, a restaurant and a spa

Molitor is no longer just a swimming pool. It is a hotel with 124 rooms. All the rooms surround the summer pool with the impression of being at Molitor as if on an ocean liner. It is also a restaurant, a bar, a rooftop open to all which offer seasonal dishes based on fresh products, made by the Chef and his team. On the pastry side, the homemade creations are a delight for the eyes and the palate. There is also a 1,700 m² Spa by Clarins with, in addition to its treatment cabins, a hammam, a sauna, a herbal tea room and a reading room. Finally, each visitor will be able to rediscover the Street Art universe which is an integral part of the history of Molitor through the works of the curiosities booths, those displayed on the walls of the hotel lobby and those more hidden, in the detour of a hallway. Artists who knew Molitor during its period of abandonment are invited to return to leave their mark on the new building to echo the graffiti that covered the walls at that time.

Molitor swimming pool

13 Rue Nungesser et Coli,

75016 Paris

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