Their voice timbres are quite different, but their intimate folk music is similar, to the point that the two singers found themselves on a song from Lou Doillon‘s latest album, Solilocquy.

A third album

She had arrived on tiptoe in 2012, with Places, an intimate and folk record. Since then, Lou Doillon has persevered, reassured by public and critical success. She returns with a third album which affirms her taste for risk. More nervous and carnal, the repertoire benefits from a production of goldsmiths signed Benjamin Lebeau, half of the duo The Shoes, and Dan Levy of the rock band the Do.

lou doillon singer

A duo with Chan Marshall

If the term “soliloquy” refers to a monologue where you talk to yourself, don’t believe that Lou Doillon doesn’t want to share the twelve pieces of his new album because, more than ever, out of his torments, she wants to pass on to her growing number of admirers. A totally coherent and successful album, where we will appreciate the high quality of the compositions and arrangements and in which Lou appears more solar and better assumes her aspirations and her references. Her voice is also always present and reminds us of where she comes from. Raucous, slightly scratchy, embers. It envelops, soothes and does good to the heart. Undeniable bonus of the album, and undoubtedly our favorite: “It’s You”, very nice duet with the most fascinating American folk, Chan Marshall of Catpower.

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