A new immersive restaurant, Ephemerea, has just opened in Paris. Its goal ? Make you feel like you are eating a meal at the bottom of the ocean !

under the sea restaurant paris
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An overall experience

Freshly graduated from the Paul Bocuse Institute , the creators of this restaurant have decided to embark on the creation of ephemeral and immersive concept restaurants in order to provide an exceptional experience for their guests. But an Immersive restaurant – what is it? … quite simply it is a restaurant concept where the cuisine served at the table is only one of the elements of the meal, the rest of the experience takes place all around, first by the decor, but also by the dressing the meal with sound and image. Each of the dishes is accompanied by sound, images that create an overall experience.

under the sea ephemerea restaurant
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20,000 leagues under the sea

From the tables on the animated floor to the vegetation and the corals on the ceiling, we completely dive 20,000 leagues under the sea. In a space of 700 m2 with a hundred seats, we discover panels dotted with projections throughout the room, revealing different scenes that evolve throughout the meal. As for the taste buds, you can discover the art and creativity of young chef Loris de Vaucelles. With of course seafood, including fish, « all from French and sustainable fishing ». Under the Sea by Ephemera, this is the name of the first decor of this restaurant which is set to evolve. Indeed, the restaurant is led to change theme, thus transforming the decoration of the room, the tables, the dishes, the menu and the projected images to take us elsewhere in a few months.

Ephemera restaurant

160 avenue de France,

75013, Paris


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