On Wednesday April 6, 2022, more than a hundred people gathered in front of the forecourt of Paris City Hall to participate in an event organized by JR, the photographer.

the giant photography by Jr in Paris to help Ukrain
A giant Photography by JR in Paris to help Ukrain

A giant work in front of the Hotel de Ville

Between 100 and 200 people deployed a giant tarpaulin representing a 5-year-old Ukrainian girl who had taken refuge in Poland on Wednesday in front of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. This work by the French artist JR had already been deployed in mid-March in Lviv. Following a message from him launched on social networks, volunteers were invited to the forecourt at 11 a.m., to “help carry Valeriia’s image. »

Captured by a drone

An event similar to that of the Lviv National Opera Valeriia is a five-year-old Ukrainian girl photographed by photographer Artem Iurchenko. JR displayed his portrait, in March, in front of the national opera of Lviv, in Ukraine and intended to do the same in Paris. If he was absent from the forecourt, his technical team took over the directions. Perched several meters above the ground, a drone captured the entire scene. Once folded, the canvas was stored in a truck, for future appearances.

The work will be presented in other cities in europe

The photograph will be presented in several cities in Europe. The digital sale of the work in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens, in French), which uses the same technology as crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, allows JR to deliver humanitarian, material and food aid, two times a week in Ukraine.

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