Mougins is undoubtedly one of the few pearls in the hinterland of the French Riviera. Only 15 minutes from Cannes, this superb medieval village stands magnificently between pines, olive trees and cypresses.


Countless distractions

The village of Mougins is located in the Alpes Maritimes department. It is located a few meters from the bay of Cannes, the Lérins Islands, and other surrounding villages. The village offers countless distractions with its various monuments and tourist sites to delight its visitors. Dream places to visit You would be amazed by the charms of this old village with its various tourist sites which attract thousands of tourists every year. Here are some places not to be missed :

– The Museum of Classical Art

The Museum of Classical Art is located in a vast residence of 400 m² and one can find there more than 700 works of art from a different era. Artistic creations from various artists that highlight aspects of Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations are exhibited there.

– The Chapel of Notre Dame de Vie

Formerly known as the residence of the famous Pablo Picasso, La Chapelle Notre Dame de Vie is part of the historical and cultural assets of this old village. In the garden is an architectural tomb intended for the Guinness family.


– Fontmerle pond

The Fontmerle pond extends over several hectares and preserves a multitude of incredible Lotuses. A plantation that dates back to the 1960s and is one of the most impressive lotus crops in Europe. The place is also known as the territory of several species of birds, namely mallards, coots, macroules, little grebes and many more. Various kinds of animals such as fish and turtles are also present in this swamp.

– The Church of Saint Jacques le Majeur

The church of Saint Jacques le Majeur is an old church which dates from the 10th century, the building underwent an enlargement in the 19th centuries. Inside, you can see authentic decorations, namely a crucifix dating from the 15th century in gilded and polychrome wood, statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Mary. Its bell tower, which rises to 300 m in height, is accessible to all visitors who wish to live a breathtaking experience and enjoy a surprising view of the village of Mougins and its surroundings. Nevertheless, the number of tourists allowed for a visit is limited for security reasons.

– Saint Barthélemy Chapel

On the eve of the year 1000, the chapel of Saint Barthélemy had been built to appease the worries of the population by protecting them against the cataclysm of the new millennium. With a religious-type architecture, the building is listed as a historical work.

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