The Museum of Modern Art in Paris presents the first retrospective dedicated to Anita Molinero in a Parisian institution.

First retrospective

This exhibition of Anita Molinero’s work retraces the different phases of her artistic development: from the first works of the late 1980s – some, which have disappeared, will be reproduced in photography – to her latest creations, in particular several productions produced for the occasion. The title of the exhibition, whose sounds evoke science fiction, refers both to one of the sculptural practices of the artist (“to extrude” means “to give shape to a material by constraining it”) and to one of her favorite materials: extruded polystyrene.

She expresses herself through sculpture

Anita Molinero is one of the rare French artists of her generation to express herself exclusively through sculpture. Often monumental and chaotic, his works disfigure everyday objects and trivial materials: garbage cans, exhaust pipes, reinforcing bars, extruded polystyrene and other waste products of consumer society. She transforms the material of which she manages to deploy all the brutality and instability. The itinerary of the exhibition, mainly chronological, is thought out in two parts. The first, a retrospective, revolves around the characteristic gestures of Anita Molinero’s work. The second is dedicated to new works, which anchor his work in a futuristic universe.

Paris Museum of Modern Art

11 Avenue du President Wilson,

75116 Paris

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