Emma Peters was successful on the internet before unveiling a promising first album, « Dimanche« , barely a month ago.

Emma Peters

An eternal romantic

Discovered thanks to her cover of « Clandestina » on Youtube remixed by two Russian DJs: FILV and Edmofo, her voice resounds like a soft echo, her words charm in several countries, and here she is propelled into the world top 10 of Spotify with nearly 50 million views today Emma Peters grew up listening to a lot of French songs, great classics like Véronique Sanson, Michel Berger. She also discovers rap, quite late, because she had a bad image of it; but this music literally seduced her when she began to listen to it attentively. This revelation totally inspired her. Initially, Emma Peters is an artist who sings everything she lives, she tells herself without filter. Her discovery of rap encouraged her even more towards this raw, unvarnished writing. And this authenticity touches his fans, all generations combined, his songs sound like cries from the heart. « I’m an eternal romantic, I fall in love every other day, so there are lots of stories of love, disappointment, hope, joy, sadness… it’s my life, it’s is very true. Each text represents a situation that I experienced. » She confided.

A song for her sister

The cover of her album is faithful to its content: we see her with her two sisters, her brother, her dog and a horse, in the garden of the family home in Oise. On the design of this cover Emma Peters says: “It is the only photo of the shoot where we did not pose and which was taken off. It was not a moment that was supposed to be official at all. There is a real symbolism, because it is part of my story, where I come from and where I will draw my energy. In general, I am not very comfortable with photos and I did not see myself with my head in close-up, it does not look like me”. Her family is very dear to her, she is the eldest of this sibling. She writes a song, « Ma Prière« , for her sister who was in a coma a few years ago and says that she wrote this song for her family, to remember that episode. This song is incredibly touching, glaringly authentic and sincere.

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