Peter Lindbergh is in the spotlight in Montpellier on the occasion of an unprecedented retrospective to discover from June 23 to September 25, 2022.

A final tribute

This summer, do not hesitate to make a stopover in Montpellier since the Pavillon Populaire of the city unveils “Devenir. Peter Lindbergh”, an exhibition retracing the career of Peter Lindbergh, from the 1980s to 2010. As a final tribute to the immense artist that he was and to his revolutionary vision, it is undoubtedly the event not to be missed this summer.

A fan of Van Gogh

Montpellier pays homage to the work of the German Peter Lindbergh, a recently deceased contemporary photographer whose fame has never wavered on the international scene. If he was born in Poland and grew up in Germany, Peter Lindbergh was trained in the world in the literal sense of the term: an art student in Berlin, a fan of Van Gogh, he spent a year in Arles before hitchhiking Spain and North Africa. Photographer for Stern, then internationally renowned fashion photographer, he became one of the greatest fashion photographers. His artistic and human approach makes him a powerful artist.

One of the greatest fashion photographers

With this exhibition, he proves to us that fashion photography goes far beyond the cold observation of an era and a society. It is a profound revealer, here of the way we look at women, of the perception we have of them. Lindbergh’s choices reveal the power of art by taking sides : that of giving to see and make feel a different society. This, Lindbergh does by proposing another vision: that of a free and emancipated woman, in a society still dominated by tenacious stereotypes, where the woman is above all taken as an object, often fantasized, very often superficial. Throughout his career, the photographer will endeavor to return this image of the traditional model, by opposing a much more natural attitude, taking into account a femininity freed from the artifices specific to the genre, rediscovering a bodily freedom, a refusal of conventions leaving the field open for a new type of woman to flourish. It seems that, through his immense respect for her, the latter becomes more a subject than an object photographed.

Le Pavillon Populaire

Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle,

34000 Montpellier

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