Brad Pitt filed a complaint this week against Angelina Jolie, whom he accuses of having sold “illegally” to a Russian oligarch his shares in their vineyards.

The famous Miraval Côtes de Provence

The former Hollywood star couple teamed up in 2011 with a family of French winegrowers, the Perrins, to produce “Miraval Côtes de Provence“, named after their castle in the town of Val, in the Var (south of France). east of France), of 500 ha, including 50 ha of vines, acquired in 2008. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married there in 2014, after years of living as a couple, before initiating divorce proceedings in 2016 which has since dragged on in long legal battles, in particular over the custody of their six children. Latest episode: a complaint filed by Brad Pitt Thursday evening in a California court stating that the two stars “agreed never to sell their respective interests in the Miraval estate without the consent of one or ‘other “.

Angelina Jolie sold her shares

But in October, Angelina Jolie sold her shares to “a Luxembourg-based spirits manufacturer controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler”, once known as the boss of Russia’s biggest vodka export company (SPI). Bought in 2011 for 60 million dollars, or nearly 52 million euros, the castle and its estate are now valued at 164 million dollars, approximately 142 million euros. The couple has been producing wine there since 2012 under the Rosé Miraval appellation. From the first year of launch, their cuvée “Miraval 2012” had been a great success and had been crowned by the magazine Wine Spectator, best rosé in the world. Brad Pitt’s complaint criticizes Angelina Jolie for not having first offered him the sale of his shares and accuses him of having “long since ceased to contribute to Miraval”. The actor claims that the case be decided by a civil court, with a jury.

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