From October 22 to November 5, the Château du Rocher Portail will offer themed tours inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter
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For Harry Potter fans

If like millions you are a Harry Potter fan, this is the place for you. A veritable school of wizards has settled in the Château Le Rocher Portail, in Ille-et-Vilaine. This children’s dream was made possible thanks to a fan of the Harry Potter saga who took the steps to recreate the famous wizarding school in his castle.

Harry Potter
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A unique experience

From October 22 to November 5, the castle of Rocher-Portail, in Brittany, will offer thematic visits inspired by the world of Hogwarts, during the day and in the evening. These evenings will be inspired by more than four hundred years of castle history. They will begin with a meal in the new event room of the castle, the Banquet. A meal where visitors will meet their new teachers. To give visitors a unique experience, special effects have been installed in several rooms of the castle in order to completely immerse themselves in the world of magic.

Banquet and light show

Comedians in costume, talking paintings, diving into local legends and even automatons will also be on the program. The event will be held during the 15 days of the All Saints holidays. It will be possible to choose between a visit of the place during the day (28 €), and a banquet formula in the evening which will include a meal and a sound and light show (99 €).

Château Le Rocher Portail

Saint-Brice-en-Cogles, France

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