Ludivine Sagnier, stars in « The Serpent Queen« , a series in which she plays the role of Diane de Poitiers.

Ludivine Sagnier
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The Frenchie of the casting

You have surely seen Ludivine Sagnier lately in Lupin, Adieu Paris, La Ruche but also in older films such as Eight Women, My wife is an actress or Swimming Pool by François Ozon. Today, you can see her in the series « The Serpent Queen » where she is the « Frenchie » of the cast. She plays Diane de Poitiers, the cousin of Catherine de Medici.

Ludivine Sagnier

Who was Diane de Poitiers ?

Diane de Poitiers was the official mistress of King Henry II and rival of Queen Catherine de Medici. She wielded considerable influence over him, to the point that some regard her as his informal prime minister. For her, the king was ready for anything, covering her with jewels, naming her a duchess and giving her the superb Château de Chenonceau as a gift. King Henry II is a boy of barely 20 years old, tall, athletic, touchy, much loved by his young wife who ruminates in silence on the humiliation of being preferred to this mistress in the flower of her age. The queen would like to hate this rival who has outwitted her since the first hour. But she can’t, because she owes him too much ! Indeed, in the first years of their marriage, Henri and Catherine were unable to have children. Failing to give her husband an heir, Catherine was on the verge of being divorced. She owed her salvation only to an unexpected support : that of Diane de Poitiers ! It was she who encouraged Henry to persevere for more than ten years, until the birth of the first royal child in 1544.

Diane de Poitiers

Practitioner of the occult arts

Justin Haythe starts from the black legend of Catherine de Medici, that of the practitioner of the occult arts, the widow who pulls the strings in the shadows, immortalized in Alexandre Dumas’ novel La Reine Margot. Pragmatic, this Catherine addresses the camera, as in Greek tragedies or Shakespeare. The series opens with a Catherine regent of the young Charles IX. She has the carnivorous smile of Samantha Morton (Minority Report) and orders a servant to keep her company. She then retraces her painful arrival at the Court of France, at the age of 15. An embedded story where Morton fades behind the amazing Liv Hill (The Little Stranger).

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