Bergheim is one of the best preserved medieval villages in Alsace, its architecture and charm make it one of the most beautiful villages in France


A lovely medieval city

Do you like medieval architecture ? Bergheim is made for you ! Its 2 kilometers of 14th century ramparts, flanked by equally majestic towers, will impress you with their exceptional state of preservation. Its half-timbered houses, magnified every summer by flowers, give the village an incomparable romantic atmosphere. For lovers of nature and hiking, Bergheim will offer very pretty medieval gardens, nestled in the heart of the city. Hikers will be able to follow its various paths : whether they are in the vineyards, in the forest or on the Grasberg hill (Natura 2000 classified area), everyone will find what they are looking for.


Capital of Gewurztraminer

If you are a fan of Alsace wine, Bergheim, capital of Gewurztraminer, will satisfy your desire for discovery. Its grands crus, blooming on the hills of Altenberg and Kanzlerberg, will delight the most delicate taste buds. Finally, don’t leave without having discovered one of the treasures of the town of Bergheim: its mosaic dating from the Gallo-Roman era, exhibited in the heart of the synagogue! If this one won you over, you will definitely appreciate the one at the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar.

numerous witchcraft trials

It was in the Middle Ages, under the Lordship of Ribeaupierre, lords of Ribeauvillé that Bergheim took off. It is from this period that Bergheim has preserved its particularly well-maintained ramparts (14th century), ideal for walking and exploring the “Garden of Annette”, a medieval garden where herbs (medicinal plants) are grown. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Bergheim was the scene of numerous witchcraft trials after which 40 women were burned at the stake. The Maison des Sorcières, a historical museum, retraces the lives of these “Witches” and the minutes of their trials. Today, the charm of this small city lies in its flowery decor arranged around :

• its old houses (vinegrowers’ houses in masonry and half-timbered from the 15th century),

• its 14th century fortifications and in particular its high gate,

• its winding streets,

• its fountain with the city’s coat of arms,

• its old wash house

• its gothic church

• its old synagogue (which attests to the presence of an ancient Jewish community), now dedicated to cultural events…

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