In the middle of the Alsatian vineyards, discover Kaysersberg, a little gem of half-timbered houses, located near Colmar.


A charming historic center

Kaysersberg is a village whose town planning has not changed for decades. A few kilometers from Colmar, take a stroll through its charming historic center and discover a castle that is certainly in ruins, but which will awaken your imagination… The situation of Kaysersberg, its curious silhouette, its many constructions of the past make it one of the prettiest towns among the cities of the Alsatian vineyard.

The Emperor’s Mountain

Kaysersberg, the « Emperor’s Mountain« , well deserves its prestigious name. A tourist hotspot, the small town is home to some of the most beautiful Renaissance half-timbered houses in Alsace in its entirely pedestrian centre. Climb up to the castle, for the superb panorama that runs all the way to the Black Forest in Germany ! The path leading to it starts on the other side of the town hall square.


Medieval ramparts

When visiting this charming little town, it is essential to visit the towers of the medieval rampart. Of the 6 towers of the medieval rampart, five are still standing today. These are the surrounding tower known as the « Kesslertum » (1407), the tower of the upper gate (15th century), the gate of the Maids (15th century), the tower of the hospital and the Junker Haus tower (known as the thieves’ tower). A peaceful and shaded walk is organized along the outside of the walls.

Renaissance well

A remarkable Renaissance well, decorated with dolphins, is in the small passage located on the right and leading to the inner courtyard. The inner courtyard is a place of tranquility, and one of its walls is decorated with a fresco from 1993 evoking the Middle Ages. It was produced by Mattauch on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Kaysersberg.

The Loecken House

The Loecken house, from the 16th century, with its half-timbering, houses a famous pastry shop specializing in Alsatian gastronomic products such as foie gras, brandy (cognac) and homemade jams.

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