The Pixies are back on stage and announce a new European tour which will take place on the mythical stage of the Olympia in Paris .

A legendary band

The Pixies are back. The alternative rock band from Boston, formed in the mid-1980s – known, among other things, for their hit Where Is My Mind ?, from their debut album Surfer Rosa (1988) and became cult in 1999 thanks to the soundtrack by David Fincher’s Fight Club – released an eighth album this year, Doggerel, described nothing more or less as “a mature and visceral record of macabre folk, lounge pop and brutal rock”. The twelve-track album comes three years after their last opus, Beneath the Eyrie, and is the famous alternative rock band’s fourth album since their reformation in 2004 – the legendary band broke up in 1993 after releasing four albums, in particular following the tensions between the founder and leader of the formation, Black Francis, and the bassist Kim Deal, part to form the group The Breeders. The bassist left the Pixies for good in 2013.

The first concert is sold out

The Pixies have nothing more to prove in terms of their live performances : a set that regularly exceeds thirty songs played, all without scales, or a setlist planned in advance! This is the group’s recipe for making each concert unique and unforgettable. The tour comes to accompany the release of ‘Doggerel‘ (Infectious / BMG), the new album of the quartet composed of Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Paz Lechantin. ‘Doggerel’ is a mature yet instinctive album of bloody folk, lounge pop and brutal rock. Black Francis and his friends are waiting for you in France, and more precisely at the Olympia in Paris on Wednesday March 15, 2023. A date that is already sold out. Also, the group is adding a second concert at the Olympia on Thursday March 16, 2023. For the rest of its tour on the Old Continent, Pixies plans to stop in the cities of Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Munich, Brussels, Barcelona, Lisbon or London.

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