Horse racing is at the heart of the film “Tempête” which is released in France on Wednesday. A subject rarely mentioned in the cinema.

Horse racing movie

A touching and poignant movie

« Storm »Tempête » is a touching and poignant film. Freely inspired by the novel by Christophe Donner, this film offers a nice surprise in terms of acting performance by the different personalities of the cast.
Facing Christian Duguay’s camera, Pio Marmaï and Mélanie Laurent are the heroes of this dramatic comedy about the world of racing which the producer sums up as follows: « It’s the story of a couple, who realize their dream of settling in Normandy, in a stud farm in La Manche, to take care of horses. They have two children, Yvan and Zoé, played in particular by Mathieu Kassovitz’s daughter, Carmen. One stormy evening, the horses are completely panicked, Zoé wants to free them.. « It’s going to go wrong and after being hit, she’s going to become a paraplegic. It’s a great film of resilience, because she’s going to do everything to achieve her dream of being a mounted trotting jockey. »

Horse racing

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A family drama about horse racing

In addition to the family drama, it is also a sports film by Christian Dugay, with all that the genre implies: surpassing oneself, effort and work that pays off. The idea that you can achieve anything by dint of relentlessness is significant in the feature film, which turns out to be very feel-good. Pio Marmaï plays one of the main roles in the film. He says he was seduced by the project and « the physical challenge » that the filming of horse racing represented. Indeed, he had never ridden a horse and even less a  »sulky », this small two-wheeled car towed by horses during horse races.
« I discovered a pretty brilliant universe with people who are both passionate and at the same time take risks, because it’s a dangerous sport, » explains the 38-year-old actor.
After « Storm », the actor will be next year in the cast of the film « The Three Musketeers » in which he plays Portos, alongside François Civil, Vincent Cassel and Romain Duris.
A beautiful story, good actors and magnificent natural settings, a nice film to go see with the family at Christmas.

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