Ruinart champagne is committed to promoting biodiversity by initiating an ambitious reforestation project .

A pilot project

Since 1729, Ruinart has found the roots of its exceptional wines in the work of the terroir and carefully cultivates living soils. The House is now going further by devoting all of the 40 hectares of its historic Taissy vineyard to a pilot project in favor of biodiversity, carried out with Reforest’Action. The initiative stands out for its size and comprehensive approach. It testifies to Ruinart’s desire to develop this approach in the years to come and to share it more widely across the Champagne region. The project is part of the IMAGINE movement of which Ruinart is one of the first members. It brings together actors wishing to mobilize around the world for the preservation and regeneration of forests on a large scale, in order to fight against the climate emergency and restore biodiversity.


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The climate emergency and the erosion of biodiversity

Ruinart will contribute to the planting of nearly 25,000 trees and shrubs in its Taissy vineyard by 2022. The first stage, launched in March 2021, consists of planting peripheral hedges. This vineyard, a real reservoir of biodiversity, has an adequate natural ecosystem to develop ecological corridors. Its unit plot of approximately 40 hectares is perfectly suited to a global project in favor of biodiversity.The objective is to regenerate the soil and bring back the fauna and flora. This plantation will provide habitats for wildlife known to be useful for growing vines (ladybugs, birds, lacewings, bats). Forest specialist, Reforest’Action is a recognized actor whose mission is to preserve, restore and create forests in France and around the world, in response to the climate emergency and the erosion of biodiversity.

More than 10 million trees planted

Reforest’Action selects forestry projects, supports them financially and ensures their quality, in order to develop their environmental, social and economic multifunctionality over time. Reforest’Action’s mission is made possible thanks to crowdfunding from citizens and businesses. Since its creation in 2010, Reforest’Action has planted and protected more than 10 million trees and made 20 million people aware of the importance of forests.

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