Camille Rowe, Franco-American model and actress is showing the film « Sous Emprise« , based on a true story, on Netflix.

Camille Rowe

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Based on a true story

David Rosenthal’s latest movie, « Under the Grip » is available on Netflix. An expected production, since it features Camille Rowe, Franco-American model, and Sofiane Zermani, better known by the stage name Fianso, in the main roles. In « Sous Emprise »(under the influence), Camille Rowe plays the role of Roxana, a young woman who falls under the spell of Pascal Gauthier, interpreted by the rapper, a world champion in no limit apnea. If the discipline was popularized by the film Le Grand Bleu by Luc Besson, it is, this time, more the relationships between the characters, than the sport, which is at the heart of the feature film.

A toxic relationship

If the story takes on the features of a passionate love story, it is above all the mechanisms of influence and manipulation that are depicted in the film. And the toxic relationship at the heart of the feature film is not trivial, since the synopsis announces that the film is based on a true story, without revealing the names and the real events that led to this scenario. But if he decides to adapt the reality to the screen, it is not the first time that David Rosenthal is interested in toxic relationships. Immersed in a little-known sport with many facets, the film is a great visual success : the diving scenes are parentheses of stunning silence, soothing with underwater beauty until the tension makes them suffocating. Pascal Gauthier is world champion when he initiates Roxana, who has miraculous predispositions.

Sous Emprise on Netflix

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