La Mondaine Paris is a festive restaurant that immerses you in the 1970s where floats an indefinable sulphurous and arty scent.

La Mondaine Paris

The festive atmosphere of the 1970s

Push open the doors of this brand new house of Parisian nightlife and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the 1970s. Soft lighting, velvet, mirrors and XXL disco balls… Welcome to Mondaine. Mondaine is an extraordinary experience, free from rules and conventions. A very private evening, straight out of the 70s, where floats an indefinable sulphurous and arty perfume. Like a parallel world so sophisticated that reality, defeated, prefers to take the tangent. At La Mondaine Paris, gluttony also plays the role of transgression. The most noble products, from lobster to caviar, lend themselves to sharing, luxury is tasted in festive and regressive mode.

La Mondaine Paris

Comforting dishes

We also find the pleasure of simple and comforting dishes to share, executed to perfection. Lovers of fine wines will find something to satisfy their craziest oenological desires, while the cocktail menu, a tribute to the iconic women of Parisian nightlife, is served by a bar team who have perfectly mastered the art of mixology… and entertainment. What would Mondaine be without music? The real star of the place is her. Served by exceptional live musicians, it encourages crescendo to let go. The tone is set from the entrance, where the drummer welcomes the evening guests to the sound of a bewitching set. Nomads, the other members of the group evolve freely in space. When they play together, Mondaine holds its breath, immersed in the irresistible atmosphere of beloved music, experienced with a new intensity.

La Mondaine Paris
23 Rue de Ponthieu
Paris 8th
+33 (0)1 53 75 31 00

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