Roxanne song by Police » is a rock classic. But did you know that this song was born one night at a concert in Paris ?

Born in a shabby hotel of Paris

Roxanne song

« You don’t have to sell your body to the night »: the « Roxanne » of which Sting speaks in the song is a prostitute whom the amorous narrator tries to help. The idea for the song came to him from the suburbs of Paris. We are in October 1977, the police band occurs at the Nashville club in Paris and lodges in a shabby hotel. Sting sees in the street, near his hotel, the prostitutes who walk around and enter with their customers in the brothels which announce their presence on the street by red lanterns. All that was missing was the name of Roxanne, found on a poster of the play Cyrano de Bergerac visible in the foyer of his hotel, so that Sting had all the elements to write a mythical song. Sting, who appreciates the universe of Edmond Rostand, holds the title of his song there.


Roxanne song changed the lives of the members of Police

Roxanne song found its rhythm and its tone only during the recording. Sting, wanted to give it a bossa-nova accent, while the guitarist of Police, Stewart Copeland, imagined rather a tango, approaching the final form of the song. The recording of « Roxanne » was not done without a hitch, since the sound of piano out of tune and the burst of laughter that we hear at the opening of the piece come from a recording session during which Sting accidentally sat down on a keyboard, before the band decided to keep this little gaffe in the final mix. After this song, Police will know another dimension. This title will change the lives of the members of the band. « It’s simple, one day you’re in a seedy hotel, and the next day you’re at the Royal Monceau. A song can change a life, » Sting said.

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