The Cafe de Flore is the subject of a new collection of decorative objects by Marin Montagut, the famous Parisian designer.

Café de Flore
Café de Flore

Fascinated by the Cafe de Flore

Always fascinated by the mythical places that make up his city of hearts, Marin Montagut is particularly fond of Le Café de Flore, a veritable institution of Saint Germain-des-Près, which has become his favorite setting for painting and giving free rein to his imagination to compose his new creations. Open since 1887, this literary, philosophical and cultural café-restaurant which has seen all of Paris pass by has in no way lost its luster. Today an obligatory place of passage for many tourists and lovers of literature, the address cultivates its artistic past by signing an exclusive collaboration with Marin Montagut ! The illustrator, who has his shop/cabinet of curiosities not far from there on rue Madame.

A dream for Marin Montagut

Café de Flore

“I love to paint and give free rein to his imagination to compose his new creations. Among my dreams, that of painting the Café de Flore in watercolor… what an honor to have been able to illustrate this historic and mythical place without which Paris would not be Paris! Marin Montagut.

Enamelled porcelain pieces

Marin has reinterpreted through his charming watercolors the icons of the famous café – the pedestal table and the bistro chair, a novel by Simone de Beauvoir – who was a great regular – which can be found on a silk scarf as well as the famous menu diverted into a notebook. He also designed the butter croissant, the boiled eggs and the hot chocolate, which can be found on a placemat and a tray.
With the effigy of the café, this collection consists in particular of enamelled porcelain pieces whose molds were made from the original silver pieces of the Café de Flore such as the round tray and the teapot.

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