The Cinema and Miniature Museum in Lyon brings together the two passions of its founder Dan Ohlmann : cinema and miniature.

More than 500 authentic filming objects

cinema museum

Like Alice at Lewis Carroll, get ready to go through the looking glass thanks to the collections of the Cinema and Miniature Museum. From Cold Sweats to Back to the Future, from Charlie Chaplin to Star Wars via Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Alien, Matrix, Batman or Terminator, the great history of cinema is illustrated in a Renaissance building protected in heart of old Lyon.

Special effects in cinema

The museum presents a collection of surprising techniques and special effects in cinema before the all-digital era, a unique collection in Europe that allows you to admire the talent of studio artists, true masters of illusion. More than 500 authentic filming objects are exhibited at the museum.
Moviegoers will take can discover the original costume of “Batman Forever“, “the horrific doll Chucky”, the sympathetic Guizmo of “Gremlins”, the little monsters of “Men in Black” and even a triceratops of “Jurassic Park“. The collection also includes many costumes, film sets, masks and prostheses, animatronics and special effects models.
Temporary exhibitions are also organized in conjunction with other film museums and numerous studios throughout the seasons.

cinema museum lyon

Copyright musée du cinema et de la miniature de Lyon

cinema museum
cinema museum

The Art of Miniatures

The museum presents the collection of miniaturized scenes created by Dan Ohlmann, surrounded by those of some thirty international miniaturists, i.e. more than 120 hyperrealistic reproductions, astonishing dioramas of our living spaces. In addition to these collections, there are more than 1,000 miniaturized objects, masterpieces of dexterity relating to most trades in the world.
Certain miniature scenes by Dan Ohlmann such as the famous “Restaurant Maxim’s de Paris”, the Natural History Museum or the “Bouchon Lyonnais” required a full year of work, patience and dexterity for their complex realization. The miniaturist knows how to restore by sculpting, modeling, painting, a very disturbing and confusing image of reality.
For many years, internationally renowned miniaturist and visual artists have been invited to the museum for exceptional temporary exhibitions.

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