The Dior fashion show 2023-2024 unveils its decor to the public at the Rodin Museum in Paris.

Dior fashion show

Copyright Musée Rodin

Embroidered silhouettes

Until Sunday July 9, come and discover the sets of the prestigious Dior fashion show – fall/winter 2023-2024 season
This week, Rodin’s silhouettes rub shoulders with the embroidered silhouettes of Italian artist Marta Roberti.
The female representations that populate the imagination of the Italian artist are essentially major goddesses whose cult flourished at the dawn of civilization. These myths tell us of a distant world where woman and the feminine creative principle were honored above all else, recognized as the origin of life.

Female characters in lush nature

During the Dior fashion show, Marta Roberti immerses her female characters in lush nature, mixing them with the animals with which they coexist harmoniously. In this cosmogony where symbols belonging to different traditions are freely superimposed, the artist also includes several of his self-portraits performing asanas, yoga positions. She offers us an image of herself that corresponds to the thought embodying all her desire to reconstruct a forgotten past to repair the tears of the present.

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