Its name comes from the city where the first import port for coffee was located: Moka, in Yemen. Its name makes people travel but it is nevertheless in France that the mocha cake was invented. This cake is very easy to make and ideal for a birthday, here is its recipe:

For the genoise: 4 eggs 120 g sugar 120 g flour 1/2 sachet baking powder

Coffee syrup: 100 gr sugar 150 ml of water 1 C. coffee extract

Coffee buttercream: 120 gr of sugar water 3 to 5 tablespoons 6 egg yolks 240 gr of butter at room temperature coffee extract

Decoration: toasted flaked almonds chocolate

Instructions :

Prepare the sponge cake: Separate whites from yellows, mix the yeast with the flour. In the bowl of the food processor, place the egg whites and beat them until stiff. When they start to foam well, add the sugar and whisk until you obtain a shiny and firm meringue. Immediately add the egg yolks and immediately the flour. Do not let the robot run for too long. Pour the dough into a buttered and floured pan; put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 ° C (th.6) Unmold and let cool on a rack. prepare the coffee syrup: place the water and sugar in the saucepan, leave until everything comes to a boil, and the sugar has completely melted. add the coffee extract and remove from the heat. prepare the coffee cream: place the sugar in a saucepan and wet with water, heat the syrup to 120 ° C. place the yolks in the bowl of a food processor or container, and start whipping them. Pour the syrup at 120 ° C over the yolks while whisking, whisk until the mixture doubles in volume and comes to room temperature. add the butter in small pieces without stopping whipping, do not whip too much otherwise you will liquidate the cream. Gradually add the coffee extract to obtain a coffee buttercream that is not too colorful. You can keep the cream in the fridge for later use, to use it you have to take it out of the fridge for a few minutes, whip it a little to be able to use it. Cake assembly: place the first disc of sponge cake on a rotating dish and generously moisten it with the coffee syrup top with a layer of coffee buttercream. cover with a second disc of sponge cake, squeeze well then soak in syrup top with another layer of coffee buttercream cover with the 3rd disc of sponge cake, press well, soak in cherry juice cover the whole cake with the buttercream decorate the round of the cake with toasted flaked almonds garnish the top with buttercream rosettes. and decorate according to your taste, chill for at least 1 hour before going to the tasting

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