Carpenter Brut is the pseudonym of Franck Hueso, a French musician fan of the eighties who is very successful abroad.

Carpenter brut

He no longer wants to be called by his real name

The Frenchman behind the nickname Carpenter Brut has built a solid reputation among both metal and electronic music fans. The French electronic music producer no longer wants to be called by his real name or show his face. Even if his surname in the civil status is not a mystery, the person concerned simply wishes to highlight his music. Or rather his hybrid creature, born ten years ago, which continues to grow internationally: his second album, Leather Terror, released on Friday April 1, will be defended by a tour of forty dates in thirteen countries, including a dozen given this summer in the United States and Canada.

References to the 80’s

In France, a Parisian Zenith is looming for October, four years after his time at the Olympia. A one-man project, Carpenter Brut operates in the “synthwave” category, or more precisely “darkwave”, a dark music that transposes hard rock into electro. His « dark synthwave » alternates big saturated guitars and constant references to the 80s and the films of John Carpenter to which his name refers. A unique style, which is based on a visual universe mixing satanic imagery, dwarf horror films and nods to soft porn. Absent from the media for a long time despite millions of cumulative views on Youtube, Carpenter Brut and his musicians, a guitarist and a drummer, remain in the background during their boosted concerts, preferring to let the music and clips take up all the space.

A hypnotic trance

A saturated bass, charged beats, clouds of arpeggios; like a hypnotic trance, somewhere between Obituary, Justice and the soundtrack of a very scary horror film, like those of Carpenter (John), against a background of 80s aesthetics. Supported, on stage, by the guitarist of the metalcore group Hacride and the (very) expansive drummer of Klone, he goes on tours and prestigious festivals, from Coachella to Hellfest.

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