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The Ile de Batz, located in Brittany, benefits from an exceptional microclimate which has earned it the nickname of Oasis Breton.
The first Rambouillet sheep arrived in 1786 thanks to Louis XIV in what was still only an experimental royal farm
Bréhat is an archipelago located in Brittany, a simply magical place nicknamed the Island of Flowers thanks to a unique mild climate..
Petit Biscuit, the prodigal musician of electronic music is back for a series of concerts in France, after the sucess of "Sunset lover"
Robert Lewis Stevenson, famous writer and traveler, made famous a hiking trail located in the heart of the Cévennes.
Elliott Verdier, a young French photographer, offers a personal look at Liberia through his photographs, currently exhibited in Paris.
The house of George Sand, a world-famous French writer, bears witness to her rich personality and her attachment to nature.
European Heritage days are taking place this weekend, an opportunity to discover certain places usually closed to the public.
Raphaël Glucksmann, Member of the European Parliament, has just released a new advocacy book, “The Great Confrontation – How Putin is waging war on our democracies”.
Hautvillers, a typically Champagne village whose hillsides are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is the cradle of champagne.