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A Classic in Parisian bistros, the Croque-Monsieur has its origins in the French capital.
The temperatures are dropping... so you are looking for good dishes with sauce to warm you up, So here is a great classic, beef bourguignon. The ingredients of the Beef Bourguignon : • 1.2 kg braising beef (twin or...
Le Coq au vin is the emblematic dish of French gastronomy. Its origin is perhaps more distant than one thinks…
Antonin Carême is not known to the general public but it is nevertheless this street urchin who invented pastry !
The Fraisier is a classic French dessert created by Lenôtre, in 1960 in Paris, It's delicious ! Here is the recipe
Baba au rhum is a rum-soaked cake, which has become a staple cake found in all pastry shops in France. Here is Its history and recipe.
Here are all the tips from chef Cyril Lignac for making an incredible caramelized pecan brownie. A mouth-watering dessert.
The Religieuse is one of the most emblematic and delicious pastries of French cuisine. But when and how was it created ?
Pierre Hermé reveals his recipe for Chocolate Mousse, A gourmet chocolate mousse, airy as you wish, thanks to the whipped egg whites.
Here if the recipe of the clafouti. List of ingredients 200 ml warm milk 70 g sugar 3 eggs 500 g apricots 1 vanilla pod 2 tsp. flour Recipe steps In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar, then add the flour, mix Then add the still warm milk, mixing well Cut the apricots into large slices (or any other fruit such as peaches, apples, cherries ...) and sprinkle with brown sugar (2 tablespoons). Place them in a non-stick or buttered cake pan Pour the preparation on top and bake at 180 ° C for 50 minutes