Madame de Maintenon was the last wife of King Louis XIV but what do we really know about her ?
The Museum of the History of Medicine in Paris is an opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of medicine, an unusual outing ...
The Jules Verne restaurant is one of the most legendary restaurants in the world, A jewel of gastronomy located in the Eiffel Tower
Charlotte Casiraghi sings on one of Sebastien Tellier's last songs, "Mademoiselle", in tribute to Coco Chanel.
Jean de La Fontaine was part of the court of King Louis XIV but their relationship quickly deteriorated...
Marie Curie is the first woman to have received the Nobel Prize for her work on radium, which will unfortunately cause her death.
“A Second of Eternity” draws a journey inspired by the question and experience of time, through a set of works from the Pinault Collection.
The exhibition in Arles presents one of the most intense and productive chapters in the professional career of American photographer Lee Miller.
At 57, Juliette Binoche has just accepted her first role in a series, the Staircase, an HBO series.
The Avengers Campus, the area entirely devoted to Marvel superheroes, will open its doors at Disneyland Paris on July 20.