Camille Pissaro, master of Neo-Impressionism Camille Pissaro is not the best known of the impressionists and yet the artist played an essential role in art history.
The Château de Cirey was for Voltaire an earthly paradise where he found Asylum with his friend and mistress Emilie.
Daniel Buren installd his famous columns inside the Royal Palace, a sumptuous building built for Richelieu in the 17th century,
Françoise Hardy 's songs, with their sweet sound have accompanied us throughout our lives, here are some of the most emblematic ones
Belle Epoque evokes a period of recklessness, scientific innovations, artistic effervescence, but was it really beautiful ?
Does dog sledding in France appeal to you ? Here are some addresses in the middle of a setting worthy of the North Pole.
At the Château de Blois, a mysterious painting representing a little girl with a hairy face intrigues visitors...
Puy-en-Velay is embedded in a verdant setting where water and fire have sculpted astonishing natural scenery and where man has made the beauty of art triumph.
Le Castellet is renowned for its famous racing circuit where prestigious Formula 1 races take place. It is also one of the most beautiful villages in France.
But who is René Descartes, the man with the Cogito ergo sum, whose name has become synonymous with mathematical rigor ?