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Leoh Ming Pei World famous, was chosen in 1983 by François Mitterrand to design the main entrance to the Louvre.
The Luxembourg Palace was born in 1615 from the will of Queen Marie de Medici who suffered from homesickness…
The Hotel Providence is to sleep in a postcard Paris. Housed in an elegant building from 1854, the hotel is the embodiment of Parisian chic .
Discover masterpieces of prehistoric art from around the world at the musée de l'Homme of Paris from November 16.
Today, the most profitable McDonald's in the world is the one on the Champs Élysées in Paris with a turnover of 13.5 million euros.
The biggest names in jewelery have taken up residence in Place Vendôme, the most glamorous of Parisian squares.
Depeche Mode, now a duo since the death of Andrew Fletcher in May, announced their return to the stage in March 2023.
The kings of France and many personalities like Marcel Proust and Marie-Antoinette had their favorite chocolate factory : Debauve and Gallais.
Grizzly Chéri is a unique jeweller. Its creations, each as delicate as the next, will take you back to childhood.
Babka is one of the hottest culinary trends today. Declined in many ways, Paris is full of good places to enjoy them !