The Cheops pyramid opens its doors on the occasion of an immersive exhibition event this summer in Paris

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Paleontologist Yves Coppens is dead

Yves Coppens, the famous French paleontologist was 87 years old. He is considered the discoverer of the fossil Lucy,

Angelin Preljocaj, his bolero ballet at the Louvre !

Angelin Preljocaj, will open the Paris L’été Festival with his ballet “Boléro” at the Louvre !

Aurora Borealis to see at Notre Dame de Paris !

Aurora borealis in the heart of Paris ? This is the unusual and marvelous spectacle that awaits us this summer, on the Parvis de Notre-Dame.

Mory Sacko in first Louis Vuitton restaurant in France

Louis Vuitton unveils a restaurant in the heart of Saint-Tropez with starred chef Mory Sacko.

Clara Luciani in concert in Paris

Clara Luciani will be in concert in the largest venue in Paris, the Accor Arena, on Thursday December 8, 2022.

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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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The legendary Hermès Birkin bag : its amazing story

The Mythical Hermès Birkin Bag could never have seen the light of day without a chance encounter… on a plane.

The Paris of Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier Bresson, the famous photographer, has always lived in Paris, a city that has nurtured his art throughout his career.

Brad Pitt in conflict over his vineyards in France

Brad Pitt filed a complaint this week against Angelina Jolie, whom he accuses of having sold “illegally” his shares in their vineyards.

A puzzle game at the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is offering visitors the opportunity to conduct a new free and fun outdoor survey, in the Tuileries Garden this summer.

French recipes

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