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Le Panier is the district of Marseille to absolutely visit when visiting the city ! Its charm and friendliness make it an unmissable place.
The lilac is a sublime plant that beautifies our garden. Very popular in France, we love to make bouquets of them to enjoy in our interior.
The Chateau de Grignan was the magnificent residence of Madame de Sévigné, it is perched on a hill in the heart of the Drome.
Locronan is one of the most beautiful villages in France. You will quickly understand why when you discover this Celtic gem.
Beaufort cheese has an inimitable taste… Its ingredients ? Mountain cow's milk, alpine flowers and traditional know-how.
Emile Zola, once famous, had taken refuge in a small house in the countryside, in Médan near Paris, from 1878 until his disappearance in 1902.
Hélène Darroze likes to share her emotions on the plate. Her cuisine is recalling his roots and origins in the Southwest o France.
Since 1934, during the second half of February, Menton has hosted an internationally renowned event: the Lemon Festival.
Blaise Pascal places the man in front of himself and makes an observation of emptiness and vacuity. Here are some famous quotes from the philosopher :
The Festival of Lights in Lyon brings together several million visitors each year. But what is the origin of this magical party ?