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Simone de Beauvoir is one of the most famous feminist writers in the world. A look back at her life as a woman and a writer…
Angele, the French-speaking singer is one of the guests of the prestigious Coachella festival on Fridays April 14 and 21.
Have you ever noticed the immaculate whiteness of the Sacré Coeur ? Have you ever wondered how this monument could retain such whiteness ?
Paco Rabanne, famous French fashion designer and perfumer died this Friday at the age of 88, at his home in Brittany.
A radiant girl is currently being released in American cinemas, a film against oblivion and "looking towards the future".
The oldest cinema in the world is in La Ciotat, where cinema was born, thanks to the Lumière brothers.
Louise Bourgoin will star in “La Montagne”, a fantastic movie filmed at Mont Blanc, which offers a sublime decor.
Lyna Khoudri will star in Houria, in which she plays a dancer who has become mute following an attack.
Leila Slimani, received the famous Prix Goncourt for her novel "Chanson douce", a harrowing novel in the twists and turns of madness.
Claude Monet is known throughout the world, but his brother Léon Monet remained in the shadows, yet he played a decisive role in his brother's career.