Dom Perignon has always been reputed to be the inventor of Champagne, but is that really the case ?
Bibracte, this remarkable site in the Morvan was the capital of the Gallic people of the Eduens, the most powerful Gallic
A national cultural and gastronomic heritage, Camembert is much more than a cheese, a true symbol of France, which resonates both on the territory and beyond its borders.
A French pharmacist has embarked on the manufacture of natural products inspired by those of Marie-Antoinette, from the gardens of Versailles
The Napoleon complex takes its name from the French Emperor Napoleon I. This is an inferiority complex that drives short men to be mean.
Sarah Bernhardt was a very famous French actress who was the first to have toured the 5 continents and whose life was incredible !
Throughout its existence, the Conciergerie has welcomed many members of royalty, it is also where Marie-Antoinette spent her last days.
Louis XIV suffered greatly from poor dental hygiene, which caused him to have many teeth pulled. So much so that he ended his life with a hole in the palate!
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were married in May 1770 in Paris. But, their nuptials weren't as happy as they hoped. Indeed, during their marriage 132 people lost their lives.
She was the favorite of King Louis XIV but to maintain her rare beauty, she had recourse to strange rituals...