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La Bonne Franquette is an emblematic restaurant on the Butte Montmartre. Vincent Van Gogh painted his painting “La Guinguete” there.
Giovanni Bellini, great master of Venetian painting will be honored in the spring at the Jacquemart-André museum.
Le Lapin Agile is one of the oldest cabarets in Paris. It was frequented by Picasso, Maupassant Apollinaire and many others…
Henriette hotel is the bohemian hotel in Paris, for lovers of atypical places. It is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
A restaurant that is both a place of culture and delicacies is quite innovative, isn't it? This is the successful bet of L'Age d'Or.
The Café Tournon would probably no longer exist without the many artists and intellectuals who passed through its doors.
The number of inhabitants in Paris continues to decrease, according to a recent study from the French institute INSEE,
The Comédie Française has chosen the artist Marin Montagut to beautifully illustrate a series of exclusive objects.
Have you ever noticed the immaculate whiteness of the Sacré Coeur ? Have you ever wondered how this monument could retain such whiteness ?
Gustave Caillebote 's painting, "Partie de bâteau" has joined the exceptional collections of the Musée d'Orsay.