French Recipes

French recipes with photographs

Discover the recipe for Chocolate pie. This tart is a classic of French pastry. Ultra simple to make and has an incomparable taste, everyone can make it, even children !
Today we offer you a simple but excellent pastry recipe that will delight young and old alike : The financiers by the french chef Cyril Lignac.
Pierre Hermé makes us salivate once again with his new "Galette des Rois" made from a puff pastry with lemon almond cream, garnished with orange blossom and honey.
Baba au rhum is a rum-soaked cake, which has become a staple cake found in all pastry shops in France. Here is Its history and recipe.
Its name comes from the city where the first import port for coffee was located: Moka, in Yemen. Its name makes people travel but it is nevertheless in France that the mocha cake was invented. This cake is very easy to make and ideal for a birthday, here is its recipe
It's a classic of French cooking, and It's so easy to make, here is the recipe :
Photo de profil de frenchglimpses frenchglimpses Question of the day ... In your opinion, why the macaroons are round? There is a legend around the round shape. The history of the macaroon says that a monk used to knead almond paste with his shirt off. One day, very tired, he fell from exhaustion and left a mark of his navel on the dough. At this point, the button took the shape of a circle.
Do you know christophe michalak? he is one of the most talented and publicized young pastry chefs in France. Today we are delivering her recipe for a religieuse that is a pure delight. Christophe Michalak has replaced the usual icing, which he considers too sweet, with almond paste.
Want to impress your guests with a nice dessert to share? And in addition add a little Frenchy touch? Try this mounted piece of ombré madeleines!
The Fraisier is a classic French dessert created by Lenôtre, in 1960 in Paris, It's delicious ! Here is the recipe