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Where to buy a birth gift made in France ?

A birth gift to make ? The brand Gentil Coquelicot has something to delight you, from blankets to slippers, everything is soft and delicate.

The history of the Musée de l’Orangerie

The musée de l'Orangerie has not always featured works of art. Indeed, it was built in 1852 in order to shelter during the winter the orange trees decorating the garden of the Tuileries Palace

Gerard Depardieu in the role of Maigret

Gerard Depardieu will return to the cinema on February 23 with "Maigret and the Young Dead" by director Patrice Lecomte.

“Jane by Charlotte” : A documentary on Jane Birkin

In this documentary, Charlotte Gainsbourg takes the camera to film her mother Jane Birkin on tour. An intimate discussion that sometimes takes on a fun or upsetting turn.

Classic French cake recipe : Le Moka

Its name comes from the city where the first import port for coffee was located: Moka, in Yemen. Its name makes people travel but it is nevertheless in France that the mocha cake was invented. This cake is very easy to make and ideal for a birthday, here is its recipe

The myterious lake of the Garnier Opera house

Paris is a city full of well-hidden treasures. Among them is the lake located under the Opéra Garnier. Did you not know it existed?

Place des Vosges, a place full of history

First of the 5 royal squares in Paris, the Place des Vosges is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in Paris.

The most famous snail of Paris

When you walk rue Montorgueil in Paris, you are struck by this large snail which supplants the facade of this legendary restaurant: L'escargot Montorgueil.

The several lives of a Parisian restaurant

This pretty storefront has had several lives Located between rue Vaugirard and rue Madame, the Pont Traversé was the bookstore of the writer and poet Marcel Béalu. Take a look at its storefront, you will then discover beef heads and enamel plaques, clues to its former vocation: that of butcher's shop, in fact this bookstore was a former butcher's shop classified as a historic monument. The bookstore is now closed since November 2019 and has made way for a restaurant!

Lavirotte building : The most unusual facade of Paris

You can't miss It when walking on avenue Rapp near the Eiffel Tower, The Lavirotte building is a superb example of Art Nouveau in Paris.

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