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Yaël Naïm and her night songs

Released in full containment, Yael Naim was unable to show us her record, "nightsongs" at its true value, but it is not too late to discover the sumptuous and sweet songs that make up this record.

Our participation to French Singer M’s new video

During the confinement, with Charlie and Suzie we had created this painting which represented the people who applauded at their window at 8 p.m., a beautiful creative moment with the children which had been made at the request of the singer Mathieu Chedid (M), world is a fan in our little family, to support popular relief. Since we had forgotten it a bit and today, we just had the happy surprise to see ourselves in the new clip of M 🙂 Out of 1660 participations it was unexpected! It's stealthy but it will make a nice memory in addition to confinement for children 😍

Yaël Naïm

I was lucky to see this fantastic show of this talented singer, Yaël Naïm. It was a pleasure to photograph her, she was smiling all along the concert and seemed very happy to be here with us. The concerts are going to miss me, with the coronavirus, most of them are cancelled or reported, here in France.

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