Released during quarantine, Yael Naim was unable to show us her record, “nightsongs” at its true value, but it is not too late to discover the sumptuous and sweet songs that make up this record.

A turning point in her life

Yael Naim has been releasing records for 15 years. She designed them with David Donatien, her husband, who is a producer and percussionist. But, for this album, she took all the reins, done everything alone. The results of this challenge she set out on herself are great songs, vast and intimate. The album is the trace of a turning point in an artist’s life and a woman’s life: the arrival of a child, the disappearance of a father. Yael Naim naturally mixes languages: French, English, within the same song.

She wrote this record at night

Yael Naim wrote Nightsongs, this new record, at night. At night, because it is the guarantee of having a moment of your own, just for yourself, without any outside gaze. At night, because the ideas that come are not the same, so neither is the music. The songs are slower.

Concert of Yaël Naïm

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