Nolwenn Leroy was revealed by the Star Academy TV show 19 years ago, her powerful voice and Celtic-accented universe made her one of the favorite singers of the French. She released a new record: “la cavale

A unique artist

Among the French singers of today, Nolwenn Leroy undoubtedly traces one of the most unique paths. Entering the hearts of the French as one of their favorite personalities, she has surpassed the trifle of three million albums sold, multiplied the duets with the most beautiful names on the French scene and toured in many countries.

Nolwenn Leroy

A record mostly written by Benjamin Biolay

For her eighth album, the singer wanted escape, freedom, “run”, lightness but also commitment. And this time, she preferred to entrust everything to someone else, in this case Benjamin Biolay, A light pop, summery and refined, sometimes melancholy. Something to continue to make you dance, and make you want to dream.

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