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Elisabeth Perotin

1542 POSTS

George Sand ‘s house : a natural setting

The house of George Sand, a world-famous French writer, bears witness to her rich personality and her attachment to nature.

The Butte Montmartre : symbol of the martyrs

La Butte Montmartre, its painters, its musicians, its writers... and its martyrs, is indeed an often overlooked part of its history.

Gertrude Stein and Picasso in Paris

Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso were bound by an extraordinary friendship to which the Luxembourg Museum pays tribute.

Ile de Batz, an exotic garden

The Ile de Batz, located in Brittany, benefits from an exceptional microclimate which has earned it the nickname of Oasis Breton.

A photographic center in Paris

Quai de la Photo, a floating photographic center dedicated to contemporary photography, is the new unusual place on the banks of the Seine

Teddy bears invasion in Paris !

Teddy bears have been appearing for a few years in a district of Paris, it is now the whole city that has yielded to their charm.

Château de Maintenon, famous owners…

The Château de Maintenon owes its fame to its hosts : King Louis XIV and his second wife, to whom it owes its name.

Bréhat, the island of flowers

Bréhat is an archipelago located in Brittany, a simply magical place nicknamed the Island of Flowers thanks to a unique mild climate..

Pont Bir-Hakeim : History of a famous bridge

Pont Bir-Hakeim, the famous bridge in Paris offers one of the prettiest views of the Eiffel Tower. But what is its story ?

Le Chardenoux, the century-old “troquet”

Le Chardenoux is the restaurant of the talented French chef Cyril Lignac, a sublime place listed as a historical monument.

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