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Elisabeth Perotin

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The Used Book Cafe, the Cosy place of Merci

The Used Book Café is a place where you can come and relax in a cozy atmosphere around a good book

Antony Cairns urban explorer, in Paris

Antony Cairns, British photographer presents in Paris a fascinating exhibition on the great metropolises.

Petit Pan, poetry in home decoration

Petit Pan is a lovely shop not to be missed in Paris, to bring back a little poetry and joy in our home decoration.

Léon Monet, this unknown brother

Claude Monet is known throughout the world, but his brother Léon Monet remained in the shadows, yet he played a decisive role in his brother's career.

Corsage : Vicky Krieps as a feminist icon

Sissi has often inspired film directors and writers, today it is Vicky Krieps who embodies her on the screen in the movie "Corsage".

Salif Gueye, from Paris to Hollywood

Salif Gueye has become an emblematic figure of contemporary dance thanks to his Moonwalk in the streets of Paris.

Environment at the heart of an exhibition in Paris

Environment, its transformations, its evolutions will be at the heart of an exhibition in Paris, at the Bourse du Commerce, from February.

Wassily Kandinsky : his life’s intimacy

Wassily Kandisky and his abstract paintings are known throughout the world, but the Centre Pompidou invites us to reveal the intimacy of his life.

Ines de la Fressange, Parisian icon

Ines de la Fressange is the icon and symbol of Parisian style, she is a figure of French Fashion and is one of the most famous women in France.

Pompadour-castle : a dive into history

The Pompadour castle was offered by Louis XV to Madame de Pompadour. Wonderful shows take place there.

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