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Elisabeth Perotin

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Marie-Antoinette ‘s apartments soon open !

Marie-Antoinette 's apartment will be exceptionally open to visitors for 2 weeks from June 27, an occasion to enter in the intimacy of the queen...

Ron Mueck at the Cartier Foundation

Ron Mueck, the Australian sculptor is in the spotlight at the Cartier Foundation with a monumental and surprising exhibition...

Joaquin Phoenix will play Napoleon !

Joaquin Phoenix and Ridley Scott have just teamed up again for a historical epic, that of Napoleon !

Franz Kafka in illustrations in Paris

Franz Kafka and his works are the subject of an exhibition by illustrator Jiri Sliva at the Czech Embassy in Paris.

Fleur cafe, a lovely restaurant

Fleur Cafe, a lovely restaurant near the Eiffel Tower, the ideal place for a meal break after a visit to the Dame de Fer.

Entrevaux, a magnificent medieval town

Entrevaux, Camped on its rocky outcrop, on the edge of a meander of the Var, benefits from an exceptional natural setting.

A Modigliani biopic directed by Johnny Depp

Modigliani, the bohemian painter from Montparnasse will be the subject of a film directed by American actor Johnny Depp.

Rambouillet sheep : a national treasure

The first Rambouillet sheep arrived in 1786 thanks to Louis XIV in what was still only an experimental royal farm

In the footsteps of Robert Lewis Stevenson

Robert Lewis Stevenson, famous writer and traveler, made famous a hiking trail located in the heart of the Cévennes.

The fantastic cinema museum of Lyon

The Cinema and Miniature Museum in Lyon brings together the two passions of its founder Dan Ohlmann : cinema and miniature.

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