Each year takes place in June in the magnificent city of Chantilly (where the famous Chantilly cream was invented), a very famous horse race, the Prix de Diane. On this occasion we can see superb fashion shows and a contest of the most beautiful hat. As a photographer it is a great opportunity to take pictures of horse races than of elegant ladies wearing hats. There are also many workshops (makeup, floral art …). I never miss the Prix de Diane!

The Prix de Diane is an horse race that take place every year in June, over the distance of 2,100 meters. He crowned the best 3-year-old filly, in an atmosphere of glamour and chic picnic at the Chantilly racecourse. Considered the price of elegance and distinction, thanks in particular to its parade of hats, this event was created in 1843. It attracts nearly 30,000 people every year.

prix de diane fashion show
Fashion show of the Prix de Diane
sophie thalmann at the prix de Diane
Sophie Thalmann, ex Miss France


The first race took place in 1843 in Versailles . Between 1919 and 1920 and in 1936. The race takes place again in Paris and at Tremblay during World War II and shortly after. The meeting was canceled in 1975 due to a strike by lads. It was opened to fillies born and bred abroad in 1947, but the first foreign winner did not arrive until 1970. In 1974, Highclere, owned by Queen Elizabeth II, won the race. From 1977 to 1982, the prize was sponsored by the Revlon brand, from 1983 to 2007, by the luxury brand Hermès2 and since 2011 by the Longines brand.

prix de diane chantilly
prix de diane
horse race prix de diane
horse race prix de diane
horse race prix de diane
Behind the horse race, we can see the beautiful castle of Chantilly
Prix de Diane, french horse race

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