A revolution in the space sector will perhaps take place thanks to a French start-up: Venture Orbital System and its launchers printed in 3d.

3 d printing technology

Launch satellites using 3d printing In the past, satellites were the size of a car and required very powerful thrusters to get them into orbit. Today the telecommunications and weather industries need smaller, lighter satellites and no longer have to go so high in space. The Venture Orbital System company therefore decided to create nano launchers in order to propel these new, lighter satellites. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to metallic 3D printing. Indeed, this system makes it possible to design a new lighter engine with a lower manufacturing cost. The company has also designed a thruster called a “ship” to place nanosatellites in orbit for monitoring terrestrial and meteorological phenomena and in telecommunications.

Zephyr, a new nano launcher

A revolution that allowed the company to benefit from the aid of the French space agency. The Reims-based company is continuing its research and is currently working on the development of Zephyr, a nano launcher capable of sending satellites into low polar orbit. The first launch of the Zephyr launcher is scheduled for 2024. To be continued …

Venture Orbital System ‘s CEO interview

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